Budget Her Beauty Spending

If your girlfriend were to indulge in all the beauty rituals recommended to remain attractive and youthful, she would spend more than $11,900 a year. That’s enough for a deposit on a new house or a holiday.

Why would anyone spend so much? Well, ask yourself: Would you be happy if your girlfriend’s or wife’s legs had more forestation than the Amazon? What about if she sported a bigger mustache than your uncle or had skin like a sun-dried tomato? If your partner resembled Cousin It, you’d be leering at all the hotter, skinnier, blonder women within a five-mile radius. This explains why beauty regimes are an important part of a woman’s existence and should be accounted for when budgeting.

However, when you’re trying to budget her beauty spending, you must be able to differentiate between what is outrageously overpriced and what’s an acceptable amount to set aside each month.

Here’s how you can budget her beauty spending so that she continues to look beautiful and you still have money in the bank.

Skin care

Young-looking, radiant, bronzed skin looks healthier than skin that resembles an unloved leather sandal. When you budget her beauty spending, keep in mind that she needs a suntan and a daily skin-care regime that includes a quality cleanser, a toner and a hydrating moisturizer. And, once a week, she may need a clay mask to nourish her skin.

How much she could spend:

The caviar of moisturizers is La Mer – The Essence. It’s touted as a miracle cream that virtually erases lines, and a 21-day supply of this stuff is $2,100. Other trendy products include:

  • Lancome Bright Expert Toner — $38
  • Suki Balancing Toner — $29.99
  • Clay Essentials Face and Body — $119
  • Airbrush tanning — $60 per application (Lasts for 7 days, although by using a good moisturizer and avoiding water activities, the tan can last about 10 days.)

How much she should spend:

  • Dove Sensitive Daily Lotion– $10
  • Kiss My Face Organics Balancing Act Facial Toner — $14.99
  • Boscia Clarifying Detox Mask with jojoba leaves — $25
  • St. Ives Firming Clay Mask — $5.95
  • Tanning lotions range in price from $19-$55

Hair care

For silky, smooth, hair that doesn’t resemble an old straw broom, regular hair cuts, protein treatments and quality shampoos and conditioners are musts that need to be considered when you budget her beauty spending. It’s also crucial to have styling products — hairspray, gel, wax, straightening serum, no-frizz serum, mousse, and heat protection.

How much she could spend:

  • Cut, style, color, and dry — $150-$185 (or more if she were to hunt down a hairdresser to the stars)
  • Cut and dry — $45-$55 (every four weeks)
  • Protein treatments — $10-$15
  • Salon visits for updos or having hair straightened — $50
  • Salon color-stay shampoos and conditioners — $15-$25
  • Styling products — $15-25 per product.

How much she should spend:

A hairdressing training school will drastically reduce the cost, as cut, colors and styles are performed by trainees under constant supervision from their teachers. Investing in a good quality straightener and learning how to do updos will mean your girlfriend can do her own hair. The cheap supermarket brands seem like a better buy for shampoos and conditioners.


Many men will say they don’t like too much makeup on women, but even the natural look takes some face paint (and money) to achieve. What does it take to looks “natural”? At the very least, she will need a quality foundation, concealer, bronzer, and lipstick.

How much she could spend:

  • H Couture Diamond-Studded Lipstick — $150 (comes in a bejeweled case)
  • H Couture Mascara — $589
  • Designer lipsticks — About $40

How much she should spend:

  • bareMinerals Starter Kit — $60 (for $204 worth of makeup)

Nail care

Trust me, you’ll never want to hold her hand if her nails are ugly. And because uncared for nails can split, break and become brittle, you’ll need to incorporate the cost of getting manicures and pedicures and buying nail-care products and polish into her beauty budget.

How much she could spend:

Experts recommend manicure and pedicure treatments every six weeks $35, unless she were to visit the UK where Leighton Denny, nail technician to the stars, could give her a nail bath, polish and 9 carats of inlaid gems for $32,000.

How much she should spend:

Nail care can be easily done at home. She just needs to brush up on her techniques; all she needs are nail clippers, a nail file, a cuticle pusher, moisturizer, a bowl of warm soapy water, and clear nail polish. She’ll be saving $35 every six weeks. And you can throw in a complementary foot and hand massage; she’ll definitely love getting this attention from you instead of her manicurist.

The price of beauty

Being a woman isn’t easy — especially when it comes to maintaining her appearance. You might think she’s a natural beauty and doesn’t need to spend a lot on potions and powders, but trust us: even natural beauty takes a bit of work. So, before you lecture her on her spending habits, consider how nice her hair smells when she gets it coiffed and leave enough room in the budget for her beauty routines.


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